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2023 Dinner


* In the Prize Auction, participants receive raffle tickets and place the tickets in canisters near the items they hope to win. One person can put as many tickets as they want in a given container to increase the odds of winning. Additional tickets can be purchased at the bottom of this page as well as on the night of the event. Good luck everyone!
Message to the Honorees
You can send a message to each honoree. Please note: if you choose to leave the messages blank during registration, you can email us at with your message to the honorees. If no message is received by June 12th, your name(s) will be listed at the end of the journal.
Below is a list of Auction Items that will be available for raffle at the dinner. You will receive your raffle tickets at the door. Options for purchase of more raffle tickets are available below. You can buy more tickets online and receive them pre-filled with your name and number for easy deposit at the door!

Kitchen Package
  • Stuffed Waffle Maker
  • 5qt Digital Air Fryer
  • Double Decker Egg Cooker
  • Red Hand Blender ("zhuzher")
  • Kitchen Gadget Grab Bag
Date Night Package
  • Restaurant (La Cucina Di Nava)
  • Movie Coupon (AMC)
  • Money for a Babysitter
  • Adventure Challenge Book
Family-Friendly Package
  • Tickets to Urban Air
  • Zevy's Gift card
  • Family Board Game Bundle
Women's Self-Care Package
  • Spa & Massage
  • B&B Liquor Gift Card
  • Manicure/Pedicure Gift card
  • Scented candles, Plushy bathrobe and cozy throw blanket
Foodie Package
  • Gift Cards from all of the Kosher Restaurants in Fair Lawn
  • Kosher Express, Mashu Mashu, Zevy's, Benjy's, Perfect Pita and Zaides
Darchei Noam Rabbi Package
  • 2 on 2 basketball game with the Rabbis
Sports Package
  • Sports game tickets
  • Sports equipment (gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods)
NYC Night
  • Tickets to Broadway
  • Restaurant
  • Uber Gift Card
Just For The Kids
  • Hoverboard
  • Smores Maker
  • Smart Kids Watch

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Sun, May 28 2023 8 Sivan 5783